“Why Don’t People Like Me?” 15 Behaviors That Push Others Away

As a young socially awkward introvert, I would notice over and over again that while being in a group, other people wouldn’t show much interest in me. I would often ask myself, “What am I doing wrong? Why don’t people like me?”

I knew it was because of my reserved personality, which made it difficult to meet new friends and open up to people. Typically, I would just sit quietly at a gathering, playing the role of an outside observer. So, I would probably come across as boring and standoffish.

It’s true that we tend to favor some character traits over others and be pushed away by certain behaviors. If you think that people don’t like you and want to understand why, read through the list below. You may have some annoying traits and behaviors without even realizing it.

At the same time, you will be surprised to see a few good qualities on our list. Yes, sometimes people don’t like you just because you don’t fit their expectations.

“Why Don’t People Like Me?” 15 Reasons

1. You want all the attention for yourself

Attention-seeking is one of the most irritating behaviors out there. Moreover, people who have it often don’t realize what they are doing. Could you be one of them?

Recall a few conversations you had with different people recently. What were they about? Were they entirely focused on you, with you talking most of the time? Did you interrupt others just to tell a story of your own?

Do you have the habit of talking too much and dominating a conversation? When your friends share their news and concerns with you, do you immediately shift the topic to yourself?

It’s called conversational narcissism and it’s very annoying. This habit makes other people feel invisible, so it makes sense why they don’t like those who have it.

2. You are standoffish

Being standoffish is not bad in itself, but it may push other people away. Many introverts struggle with this problem – they may come across as aloof and arrogant when in reality, they just need some time to get used to new people.

I know that my unfriendliness is the main reason why people don’t like me. And I’m fine with it. Introverts rarely become the souls of the party. Most of the time, they prefer to stay quiet at large social gatherings.

This behavior may be misinterpreted in all sorts of ways, with people thinking that you are conceited, uninterested, or boring. But if you are a standoffish introvert just like I am, the real question to ask yourself is: do you really need everyone to like you?

3. You are not interested in others


Whether you are a conversational narcissist or have an aloof and reserved personality, the result is that you are not interested in others. And people feel it.

It’s natural for us to be appealed to those who make us feel important. Those who want to get to know us and are willing to listen to our stories.

Most people like talking about themselves. Therefore, if you never ask questions and don’t show any interest in others, they will pay you back with indifference. They will choose to stay away from you because you seem disengaged and closed-off.

4. You are clingy

friend asking for favors clingy behavior

On the flip side, you may be overly dependent on others and their opinions about you. Clinginess rarely gets you the friends you want.

What are the examples of clingy behavior? First of all, you may open up to others too quickly and overshare personal information. For example, you just met someone and are already telling them about your recent breakup.

Or you are fishing for compliments, saying self-deprecating things just to push others to say something nice to you. Such behaviors reveal insecurity and an unhealthy need for emotional validation.

Alternatively, you could be already arranging your next meeting up and bombing your new acquaintance with texts and phone calls. This behavior may come across as pushy and clingy, so, it is very likely that it will scare the other person away.

If you behave this way regularly with your friends and co-workers, it could be the reason why they choose to keep their distance from you.

5. You are trying too hard to be liked

Paradoxically, the harder you try to be liked by everyone, the harder it gets to achieve this.

We instinctively gravitate toward strong and self-confident people with sound opinions – those who know who they are and don’t care to impress. Such folks are the ones who win everyone’s respect and fondness without trying.

So, if you are a people pleaser who always agrees with everyone, it has the opposite effect. People begin to think that you don’t have an opinion of your own and just conform to what others want.

So, if you are wondering, “Why don’t people like me?” the right thing to ask yourself might be, “Am I trying too hard to make people like me?”

6. You are judgemental and critical

We seek to surround ourselves with those who give us good vibes. Therefore, if you have the habit of speaking ill of others and criticizing everyone, it’s natural for people to want to stay away from you.

Of course, you can’t like everybody. And it’s fine to express your opinion even when it’s negative. But think about whether you might overdo it.

Do you immediately get negative when a friend shares their plans and aspirations with you? Do you hardly ever have anything nice to say about other people? Do you have the habit of judging others and giving them the advice they don’t ask you for?

These behaviors could be the reasons why people don’t like you.

7. You are conceited

patronizing attitude selfish behavior

An arrogant attitude is no less irritating than a judgemental one. Moreover, it’s one of those behaviors you could have without even knowing it.

Do you have the habit of lecturing other people for their mistakes? Do you speak to them in a condescending manner? Do you often correct others? Do you tend to exaggerate and boast about your achievements while belittling those of other people?

Such behaviors turn you into an annoying know-it-all who radiates an overwhelming sense of superiority. Even if it’s not true, it certainly looks so.

If you give others the impression of being full of yourself and believing that you are better than everyone else, people won’t like you.

8. You are blunt

Bluntness is one of those positive qualities that may make people dislike you.

Speaking the truth is getting increasingly risky in modern society. There is always a chance that someone will get offended. That’s why many of today’s people don’t like blunt, straightforward folks who are not afraid to call things by their names.

If you are blunt, you don’t shy away from saying uncomfortable truths without watering them down. You voice your thoughts and opinions without sugar-coating them. And you don’t try to hide your real self just to seem polite and follow the unwritten rules of nice social behavior.

Most people are afraid of the truth, and that’s why they don’t like those who speak it.

9. You are intimidating

You might intimidate other people without even realizing it, making them want to stay at a safe distance. There are many ways someone’s personality or behavior could be intimidating. Take the bluntness example above.

As a general rule, we tend to gravitate toward people whose presence feels comfortable. Take any positive quality such as honesty, dynamism, or independence, add too much of it, and it will get intimidating. It makes people uncomfortable.

If you have a strong, dynamic personality, you may sometimes come across as pushy. If you are a blunt person who calls things by their names, others may think you are rude. If you are an independent thinker who doesn’t conform, they may consider you arrogant and standoffish.

Even if people are wrong about you, they will keep a distance because you make them uncomfortable and they feel intimidated by your presence.

10. You are a non-conformist

People don’t like those who go against the majority. Those who dare to think for themselves instead of blindly going with public opinion. Those who choose to stay true to themselves rather than conform to social expectations.

So, if you ask yourself, ‘Why don’t people like me?’ it could be because you are a non-conformist and independent person. Being one is not limited to going against the society-imposed views and values only. It shows in daily situations too.

If you are a non-conformist, you won’t shy away from saying no, setting strong personal boundaries, and speaking up for yourself. You won’t agree with those around you just to please them and seem nice. And most importantly, you won’t care about what they think about you. People hate that.

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Non-conformism is another positive quality that could be the reason why people dislike you. But if you are a truly independent person, you won’t really care.

11. You have a dry personality

introvert hangover symptoms

If you are always unexcited, uptight, and unwilling to talk, people will inevitably find you boring. Maybe you are just shy or introverted, so you choose to keep to yourself.

Maybe you don’t have sound opinions of your own, so you never have anything to add to a conversation. Or you just have no specific passions and interests to talk about.

You are chronically bored and detached during social activities. You never feel or express excitement about anything, including things that make other people happy.

Once again, having a dry personality doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. You might be pretty happy in your own way and just not find socializing rewarding enough. But we are talking about the way others see you, right?

So, why don’t people like you in this case? Because they find you boring and uninteresting.

12. You are selfish

People don’t like those who act selfish and socialize out of mere convenience. For example, if you use everyone for your own gain and approach others just to ask them for favors, don’t be surprised that one day you’ll end up having no friends.

No one likes to be taken advantage of and few are those who will waste their time on one-sided friendships. People seek to make genuine connections with others. They are willing to connect with those who reciprocate their interest.

People will dislike you if you are totally inconsiderate of those around you and too pushy about putting yourself first.

There are situations where we should think about others’ needs and feelings. Therefore, if you are unable to do that, it could be the reason why people don’t like you.

13. You have a bitter and high-conflict personality

angry bitter woman

Do you easily lose your cool? Are you always ready for confrontation? Do you start fights out of insignificant things? You could have a high-conflict personality.

People try to avoid unnecessary tension, so they will prefer to stay away from you if you lose your temper often. The same is true if you are too bitter and easily offended.

Of course, we all get offended and irritated from time to time, but some people seem to look for the most trivial reason to start an argument. That’s when their presence becomes draining.

Dealing with these personality types is like walking on eggshells – you should be extremely careful about what you do and say. You never know what might fire up their anger.

Most of us prefer to hang out with people who make us feel comfortable and relaxed. After all, we are looking for someone to have a good time with, don’t we? Therefore, your anger and bitterness could explain why people avoid and dislike you.

14. You are negative

Just as we try to avoid bitter people, we also instinctively keep our distance from negative ones. If you are a pretty pessimistic person, there are a few things I’d like you to consider.

Do you complain too much, about everything and everyone? Do you tend to focus on negative things? Do you dampen your friends’ spirit with critical comments when they are happy or enthusiastic about something? Or maybe you always say no to their suggestions and plans?

You may think that you are just being honest and realistic, but the truth is that people may find you too gloomy to be around. Being a chronic complainer who is always unhappy about something or someone is not going to get you anywhere.

Therefore, if you ask yourself, “Why don’t people like me?” here is another question for you to think about, “What kind of vibe do I give off? Do people enjoy my company or am I too negative to be around?”

15. You don’t take responsibility

This one is particularly relevant when it comes to making friends in the workplace. Do you feel like your co-workers dislike you for some reason? Maybe they don’t want to eat lunch together or leave you out of their plans when they arrange to have a drink after work.

It could be that you don’t own up to your mistakes. Many people do it without being aware of it.

Do you tend to blame others in challenging situations? If you made a mistake, what is your next move? Will you admit it or will you try to find an excuse and shift the blame onto someone else or external factors?

No one respects people who don’t take responsibility and try to make themselves look good at the expense of others. Thus, if you always try to avoid facing the consequences of your actions, it could explain why your co-workers don’t like you.

You Can’t Be Liked by Everyone – and It’s Fine

no fun

So, what to do if people don’t like you?

If you are guilty of some annoying habits on our list, the first step is to become more aware of your behavior. Improving yourself starts with the question,

“Was it a good idea to say/do this?”

You may soon realize that some of the things you do are just a waste of time. I’m talking about things such as starting unnecessary arguments, grumbling, or people-pleasing.

Being aware of your negative habits and behaviors will eventually help you challenge them and become a better person. Not for the sake of making people like you but for yourself in the first place.

What if people dislike you because you are an aloof introvert or a non-conformist? In other words, because of a character trait that is fine to have?

In this case, you should stop worrying about the reasons why people don’t like you and make sure you like yourself. Self-acceptance will give you everything you need.

And if someone doesn’t like you, it’s okay. Some people just don’t fit together, and there is nothing weird about it. After all, we can’t be liked by every single person we meet.

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