About The Power of Misfits

anna lemind

A Few Words about the Founder of the Website

My name is Anna LeMind, and I’m the author of the bookThe Power of Misfits: How to Find Your Place in a World You Don’t Fit In” and the founder of the websites Learning-Mind.com and PowerOfMisfits.com.

As a socially anxious introvert, I always felt different and puzzlingly disconnected from other people. When I followed a writing career and founded my first website Learning-Mind.com, I turned my focus to topics like personality psychology, human behavior, introversion, social anxiety, and the concept of belonging.

When a flood of positive comments came in response to my articles, I saw that there were far more introverts and loners out there than I had imagined. All of those people had a desperate need to feel understood. Moreover, they struggled with exactly the same issues as I did for my whole life.

This is what inspired me to write the book The Power of Misfits: How to Find Your Place in a World You Don’t Fit In and create the website PowerOfMisfits.com later on. I realized that my mission in life was to help as many fellow misfits as possible find their unique place in this extroverted world as I did.

Who Is This Website for?

The Power of Misfits is about and for introverts and loners who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. It is for people who feel deeply frustrated and alien to this world, like they don’t belong here. It is for all those who find themselves opposing modern society and its values.

What Topics Does the Power of Misfits Cover?

The website covers topics such as personality psychology, introversion, communication, friendship, loneliness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.

Here you will learn where your personality traits come from, why you feel lonely and experience difficulties with social interaction, what you can do about it, and how to accept yourself and boost your self-esteem.

What Is the Purpose of This Website?

My goal is to provide guidance to introverts, loners, deep thinkers, highly sensitive people, as well as those struggling with social anxiety, shyness, and insecurity. I hope to help them find their place in our busy, loud world and remind them that they are not alone.