10 Things Chronic Complainers Do That Bring Everyone Down

things chronic complainers do

Is there someone in your circle who tends to see only the negative things in life? Do they constantly gripe about everything, bringing down everyone around them? This is what chronic complainers do. While their never-ending pessimism can suck your energy dry, there are strategies to deal with them without letting their negativity take away … Read more

12 Warning Signs of a Jealous Friend to Watch Out for

signs of a jealous friend

Jealousy is not limited to romantic relationships. It can be present in friendships too, and sometimes, it takes truly ugly forms. Fortunately, there are specific signs of a jealous friend that can reveal the truth. You can have a codependent friend who doesn’t like you to hang out with other people, so s/he gets bitter … Read more

11 Signs You Are a Highly Analytical Person & What It Means to Be One

highly analytical person meaning signs

Analytical Person Meaning It is someone who relies on rational thought, not emotions. Analytical people use logic to solve problems and explore the world around them. They are constantly gathering information and analyzing everything that happens in their life and beyond. Also, they are thirsty for knowledge, and they never stop learning, thinking, and questioning. … Read more