70 Negative Self-Talk Examples That Kill Your Self-Esteem

The way we talk to ourselves plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing. Whatever situation we face in life, our inner voice is what forms our perception of it. That’s why it’s important to be aware of negative self-talk examples to make sure you tame your inner critic before it takes over your life.

When your inner voice is overly critical, it’s easy to feel discouraged and inadequate after the slightest mistake. With this kind of thinking, it’s nearly impossible to move forward in life and be a happy and confident person.

Therefore, unhealthy self-criticism needs to be addressed, and recognizing self-deprecating thoughts is the first step.

Below are some examples of negative self-talk. If you regularly make these kinds of thoughts, you need to deal with your inner critic.

Why Negative Self-Talk Is Dangerous and Where It Comes from

Persistent self-criticism goes hand in hand with low self-esteem. But it can also stem from unhealthy perfectionism and a number of mental disorders.

Typically, this toxic mental habit takes its roots from your childhood or some negative experience from your past, such as being in a relationship with a verbally abusive person.

If you grew up with critical parents, you would hear derogatory remarks every now and then. After years, your parents’ words formed into your inner critic, which pops up every time you feel discontent with yourself.

Pay attention to your negative self-talk–you will find out that your inner critic repeats the same words and phrases your parents used to say when you were a kid.

While it’s natural to feel bad about yourself when you fail or make the wrong decision, it’s not healthy if you constantly talk to yourself in a negative manner.

Do you beat yourself up for the smallest mistake? Do you dwell on it for hours or days? Are you more focused on your flaws, which makes you neglect your positive qualities? Do you use offensive language and harsh criticism when you talk to yourself?

If this is true, then negative self-talk has turned into a chronic habit that ruins your self-esteem, mental wellbeing, and overall satisfaction with life.

When your inner critic is in charge, it’s very difficult to believe in yourself, dare to follow your dreams, and move forward in life.

But most importantly, with this nasty little voice whispering ugly things to your ear all the time, you can’t feel good enough, accomplished, and happy. Whatever you do, your inner critic will always put a fly in the ointment, stopping you from enjoying yourself and your life.

Now, take a look at our list of negative self-talk examples. How many of the below statements sound familiar?

70 Negative Self-Talk Examples

no one understands me

Success and failure

  1. I’m a loser.
  2. I never do anything right.
  3. It doesn’t make sense to try. It won’t work out anyway.
  4. I hate my life.
  5. I always fail, whatever I try to do.
  6. Other people of my age already have their own house/family/business.
  7. I’m incapable.
  8. Nothing good ever happens to me.
  9. There is nothing good to expect from life.
  10. Other people are much better at this, so I shouldn’t even try.
  11. Everyone moves forward while I stay behind.
  12. I will never get a promotion/start a family/start my own business.
  13. Nothing depends on me anyway, so why try to change something?
  14. I’m useless.
  15. All my ideas are nonsense.
  16. I always make the most stupid mistakes.
  17. I’m too old/lazy/incapable for this.
  18. It’s too late for a career change/finding love/starting a business.
  19. I’m a failure.
  20. I’m stupid.
  21. I will never succeed.
  22. My life is a mess.
  23. I have no luck with anything.
  24. I never learn from my mistakes.
  25. I always make the wrong decisions.
  26. I know I’m not good enough to be happy/succeed in life.
  27. I don’t have the skills to achieve anything good in life.
  28. Whatever I do doesn’t work out right.
  29. Bad things always happen to me.
  30. I have the worst luck.
  31. My dreams are useless, and I will never make them a reality.
  32. My whole life is a failure story.

Relationships with other people

  1. No one likes me.
  2. I don’t matter.
  3. If I disappeared, no one would notice.
  4. No one cares about me.
  5. My opinion doesn’t matter.
  6. I don’t deserve to be loved.
  7. Who would be interested in a loser/nerd/weirdo like me?
  8. I never say the right things.
  9. No one wants to be my friend.
  10. I let everyone down.
  11. I’m a bad parent/spouse.
  12. No one has ever loved me.
  13. I always fall in love with the wrong person. Maybe this is what I deserve?
  14. Everyone takes advantage of me.
  15. I attract toxic people.
  16. No one respects me.
  17. Other people always mistreat me because I deserve it.
  18. I annoy everyone.
  19. No one enjoys my company, people just tolerate me.
  20. I’m a burden to those around me.
  21. No one appreciates what I do.
  22. I lack social skills. I never know how to get on with others.


  1. I’m not an interesting person.
  2. I’m insignificant.
  3. What chances do I have with this kind of appearance/character?
  4. I have nothing worthy of appreciation.
  5. I have too many flaws.
  6. Bob/Tom/Steve is such an outgoing/self-confident/lucky person. I wish I were more like him.
  7. I’m worthless.
  8. I’m powerless.
  9. My feelings don’t matter.
  10. I have no talents.
  11. I hate myself.
  12. It’s all my fault.
  13. I’m fat/ugly/unattractive.
  14. I’m nobody.
  15. A person like me is bound to fail/stay single forever/have no friends.
  16. I’m a bad person.

negative self-talk

If you recognize yourself in the negative self-talk examples above, you need to take control of the way you talk to yourself. Just be more aware of your inner monologue and stop yourself when harsh self-criticism sets in.

Then you can start replacing your self-deprecating thoughts with positive statements.

Here are a few guides that can help you out:

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