7 Types of Friends You Should Never Take for Granted (and Good Reasons Why)

We don’t have the same connection with all our friends. Someone feels closer, like they are our family; someone else is just good company.

After all, there are different levels of friendship. But there are also 7 types of friends you should never take for granted.

Do you have these types of people in your life? Maybe there is someone who fits a few or all of these descriptions? If you are lucky to have such friends, you should definitely cherish them and never let them go.

7 Types of Friends You Should Never Take for Granted

1. The one who was there for you when no one else was

Never forget those who took you out of trouble when there was no one else to help you. If someone was there for you during your darkest times, then you are lucky to have a true friend in your life.

If your friend is the type of person who is always willing to give a hand, never take them and their support for granted. It’s the worst thing that could happen to a kind heart.

Oftentimes, the nicest people end up being exploited just because they find it natural to help others. And those “others” use it and keep them close merely out of convenience.

So, don’t break your friend’s heart. Don’t take their kindness for granted. Let them know that you appreciate their help and are grateful for what they did for you.

2. The one who listens to you

In today’s day and age, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find people who truly care about others. Self-centeredness and narcissism seem to have taken over.

That’s why having a friend who is genuinely interested in you is a blessing. It is someone who isn’t just waiting for their turn to speak so that they can tell you a story of their own. They are listening to understand because they care about you.

Your friend remembers everything you say since they indeed pay attention when you speak. They won’t confuse your co-workers’ names or forget about your birthday! You can also be sure that your secrets are safe with your friend, and they are not a person who is just looking for food for gossip.

When a friend shows sincere interest in you and your life, you should never take them for granted. Genuine connections between people are becoming increasingly rare in our society. So, if you have them in your life, make sure to value them.

3. The one whose loyalty stood the test of time

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Then, there is another type of friend you should never take for granted, and it’s someone who has been by your side since school or college. Their loyalty stood the test of time, and you’ve been through so many things together—both positive and negative ones.

This kind of friend knows the real you because they have seen you in your worst moments. Maybe there were disagreements and misunderstandings between you, too. But your friend still sticks by your side after all these years.

You may not even see each other often. Maybe you live in different cities or even countries! But the connection is still there. When you meet up with your friend again, it feels as if nothing has changed, and you have fun together, like in good old times.

Don’t take your friend’s loyalty for granted—few are lucky enough to enjoy lifetime friendships.

4. The one who “gets” you

When you meet someone who is on the same wavelength as you, it feels almost surreal.

You have similar tastes in music, books, and movies, the same opinions, and sometimes it seems like you can read each other’s minds! You can talk for hours and never get bored in each other’s company.

This is when you know that you and your friend “vibe” together. Sometimes it’s even called “soul friend”. In other words, you share a mental connection. It feels like your friend totally “gets” you and is tuned into your way of thinking.

Even though it’s easy to meet new people in our over-connected world, finding like-minded friends is much harder. So, you should cherish your friend who makes you feel fully understood. Never take their presence in your life for granted.

5. The one who feels like home

There are also friends who may not be so similar to you, but they feel like home. Maybe it’s their positive energy or the genuine connection you share together. When you are around such friends, you know that you can relax and just be yourself.

Your friend won’t judge you, and you feel accepted and cherished. So, you feel so free and comfortable as if you were on your own. There is no need to pretend or watch over what you say. You don’t hesitate to demonstrate your raw self with all its quirks and flaws!

You can confide in your friend and tell them about your most personal problems and private thoughts. This is because you know that whatever you share with them, they won’t get judgmental or critical.

In our fake society, it’s quite rare to have a friend who fully accepts you and with whom you can just be yourself. Never take this type of friendship for granted.

6. The one who evokes the best in you

Someone who evokes the best emotions and aspirations in you is among the 7 types of friends you should never take for granted.

Such people are not interested in competing with or judging others. Their positive energy and vigor for life make everyone around them happy.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your friend is a source of inspiration. After spending time with them, you feel full of energy. You want to do new things and go after new goals.

You also feel empowered and good about yourself, like you can achieve anything! Your friend has a magical way of encouraging you and helping you look on the bright side of life. They give you the willingness to move forward and live to the fullest!

If you have such a friend, you are in good company. Never let them go.

7. The one who helps you evolve

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It’s not always someone’s positive energy that helps you grow. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite—you have a friend who always says uncomfortable, ugly, and frustrating things. But it’s those things that shake your perception of the world, making you view life from a fresh perspective.

Your friend opens your eyes to the raw truth of life, and they help you see things from a different angle. You learn a lot from them, and each conversation gives you new food for thought.

Their ideas make you reconsider things, quit boring routines, and draw unexpected conclusions about other people and life situations. Your friend motivates you to get out of your comfort zone—sometimes only mentally, sometimes also practically. As a result, you become a better, more evolved version of yourself in their company.

For this reason, someone who helps you evolve as a person is certainly among the 7 types of friends you should never take for granted.

To sum up, remember that having such friends in your circle is a blessing. Make sure to show them your appreciation so that they know how much you care about them!

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