What an Introvert Uses to Recharge: 8 Ways to Replenish Your Energy

Introverts have their own way of approaching life. We love differently; we relax differently; we have fun differently. But among the rest, we also recharge our batteries in a totally different way.

If you wonder what an introvert uses to recharge, below are a few activities that help the quiet ones restore their energy levels.

But first, let’s say a few words about how an introvert’s social battery works.

An Introvert’s Social Battery

An introvert’s brain is wired in such a way that it spends a lot of energy on socializing and even being around other people. That’s why you won’t see an introvert having tons of friends and filling their day with social activities. They just don’t have the energy to handle such a busy social life.

If you are an introvert who works in the office or whose job includes a lot of interaction with people, then you will most likely prefer to spend your evenings and weekends at home. You need to take a break from being around people. This is how you recharge.

Why is socializing so draining for an introvert? Because they give their energy away during social interaction, even when they enjoy it. In fact, our batteries run dry even faster when we have to deal with forced communication and be around people we don’t know well or have nothing in common with.

Therefore, introverts recharge their batteries by withdrawing from social life.

What an Introvert Uses to Recharge: 8 Ways to Replenish Your Energy

If you experience an introvert hangover or burnout, try some of these activities to replenish your energy:

1. Solitude

The first and the main thing that recharges an introvert’s battery is spending time alone. It doesn’t matter what exactly you are doing—you may take a bath or just relax in your bed. You may read a book, watch a movie, or do some knitting.

It’s being on your own that matters. Solitude is the main source of energy for introverts. Having some quiet time with no one and nothing disturbing us is a sure way to feel rejuvenated and fresh.

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2. Nature

Nature is also among the most popular things introverts use to recharge. Be it gardening or taking a short walk in the park, getting closer to nature replenishes your energy in no time.

When you observe the greenery, the flowers, and the majestic skies above you, you get the feeling of tranquility and peace. And this is exactly what you need when your battery is drained.

That’s why so many introverts love animals and gravitate towards nature-related hobbies, including gardening, bird watching, and hiking. Getting in contact with other living beings, such as plants and pets, fills us with energy and bliss.

3. Crafts

Many introverts enjoy creating things with their hands. It may be anything from making jewelry and sewing to baking and growing exotic plants. A great thing about these activities is that they are not just solitary, but also meditative.

When you repeat the same action over and over again (such as in knitting or basket weaving), it has a relaxing effect on your psyche. Therefore, practical hobbies allow you both to express your creative side and enter a meditative state.

It’s one of those great creative ways to recharge your batteries as an introvert.

4. Books

Introverts and books are made for each other. Most of us enjoy reading and appreciate the feeling of getting lost in a good novel.

How do introverts recharge and why do they love reading so much? Because books are an excellent way to distract yourself from boring routine.

Someone said that reading is the cheapest and simplest way to travel, and that’s true. You forget about everything that occupies your mind and lets you down—be it work obligations, misunderstandings within your family, or daily problems. You leave it all behind and follow someone else’s adventurous life through the pages of a book.

Reading is certainly among the favorite things introverts use to recharge.

5. Creativity

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We talked about crafts above, but there are other creative ways to express yourself. Not all introverts enjoy practical endeavors; some are more into arts and intellectual hobbies, such as writing poetry or composing music.

If you are an abstract thinker, you will enjoy these activities more than gardening or sewing. You may choose to write fanfiction or try yourself in creative photography.

When you do something creative in your alone time, you recharge your battery and entertain your mind, too.

6. Movies/series

It’s not a coincidence that many movie geeks are introverts. We love getting in touch with fictional characters and fantasy worlds. Just like reading books, watching movies and series gives us the opportunity to escape the boring reality of everyday life.

It’s also a great way to relax and distract yourself after a busy day at work filled with contacts with other people. Therefore, if you wonder how to recharge as an introvert, watching a movie is the simple and fun way.

7. Solo walks

spending time alone

Most of us prefer to go out with someone else. I often watch how people walk their dogs in the park and talk on the phone, as if they can’t bear to stay even a few minutes on their own. As if they constantly need to talk to someone to feel alive.

Introverts approach this in a totally different way. We don’t mind taking solo walks and even going out by ourselves. Many of us see nothing wrong in solo traveling and going to the movies alone.

However, if you really seek to recharge as an introvert, it’s better to stay away from crowded places, such as cinemas and malls. Don’t forget that the very presence of other people drains your energy resources.

Therefore, taking a solo walk in a quiet park is a better option if you feel dull and low on energy.

8. Staying off social media

What an introvert uses to recharge? As we said, solitude and withdrawal from social activities are the main sources of energy for the quiet ones. But what we often underestimate is the effect of social media on our mental health.

Yes, scrolling the news on your Facebook feed or replying to someone’s tweet is not exactly socializing. But when you use social media, even if you just check your friends’ updates, you still stay connected to other people.

Therefore, when you truly want to recharge your batteries as an introvert, make sure to stay off social media for some time. Avoid the temptation to keep up with what other people are doing.

Even more importantly, avoid the temptation to compare your life with someone else’s. This is what often happens when we check other people’s posts on social media. Sometimes we don’t even realize this, and it takes a toll on our self-esteem.

You can even go further and plan a total digital detox. This means that you should avoid using the Internet entirely for a given amount of time, such as one evening after work or a few days spent camping.

To sum up, knowing what an introvert uses to recharge will give you useful strategies for replenishing your energy when you feel down or tired. Make sure to use them next time you experience an introvert hangover!

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