7 Reasons to Enjoy Going to the Movies Alone Without Feeling Weird

What do you think about going to the movies alone? Do you do that? Or does it feel weird?

We’ve all been there. A new movie was just released and you are dying to watch it, but you have no one to go to the cinema with. Maybe you don’t have company or your friends don’t like this type of movie.

So, you are thinking about going to see it by yourself. Is it a weird thing to do?

Is It Weird to Go to the Movies Alone?

No, in reality, it’s not. The awkwardness of going to the movies alone stems solely from social conditioning.

In our extroverted society, it’s considered weird to do things for fun on your own, especially if this includes leaving your home. We are used to the idea that in order to entertain ourselves, we absolutely need company.

But this is not always true. Is it really that necessary to be accompanied by another person to watch a movie you like? After all, there is little room for socializing—all your attention is focused on the cinema screen.

Therefore, if you are an introvert who doesn’t mind going to a movie alone, you should stop feeling weird about it and start enjoying it.

7 Reasons Going to the Movies Alone Shouldn’t Make You Feel Weird

1. You don’t really need company to watch a movie

As we said above, going to the movies is not among those activities that include a lot of social interaction.

Typically, you exchange a few words before the movie starts and then share your impressions with the other person after it ends. That’s all. You won’t have a lengthy conversation while the movie is being shown, will you?

Therefore, you don’t really need company for an activity like going to the movies. Your focus is placed on what you are watching, not other people, anyway.

2. You don’t depend on other people’s taste in movies

going to a movie alone

Sometimes our friends and family don’t share our tastes in movies or music. What if you are the only one who loves horror or sci-fi movies? Should you stop watching them just because your friends don’t like this genre?

Of course not! This is when you realize that going to that new thriller on your own is a great idea. You don’t need to waste energy on talking your friend or special someone into joining you.

You just do what you like—you go to a movie alone and enjoy it, without depending on others or forcing anyone to do anything.

I practice this with music a lot. No one from my circle likes classical music, so sometimes I go to a concert alone. It’s pretty much the same as going to the movies, only that you are listening instead of watching.

Appreciating a specific movie or music genre no one else likes shouldn’t make you feel weird. And you absolutely shouldn’t end up not watching or listening to the things you like just because your friends have a different taste!

3. You don’t depend on others’ time and availability

Depending on others doesn’t include just considering their taste in movies. When you make plans with someone, you depend on so many things, such as their mood or how much free time they have.

What if your special someone is busy today that you wanted to go to the movie you’ve long wanted to see? Or your best friend is being late, and you have to wait for her outside while the movie is about to start?

When your plans include other people, you inevitably depend on them. You have to carefully pick the time and the day that suits everyone, especially if there are more than two people included. You also have less freedom in choosing seats.

So, if you really want to see that movie and all your friends are busy, maybe you should think about going to the cinema by yourself.

4. The awkwardness is illusory and doesn’t last for long

When you go to a movie alone, there is just one brief moment of awkwardness: when you enter the cinema hall, find your seat, and wait for the movie to start. This is when you may feel weird sitting there all alone while everyone else is talking with each other.

But it doesn’t last for long. When the screen is on, all the awkwardness goes away and your attention shifts to what is being shown.

Moreover, in reality, no one cares that you are here by yourself. It’s not like you are in the spotlight and everyone is staring at you. It’s dark and other people concentrate on the movie, not on each other. Most likely, no one even noticed that you came alone!

So, this weird feeling you get in the beginning is nothing but an illusion. Do you really need to worry because of this quick moment of awkwardness? I think it’s not worth it. It’s time to overcome the fear of going to the movies alone!

5. You avoid conditioning

Some people have the habit of reading reviews before watching a movie. So, your friend may be critical about it and share his worries with you. The visual effects are unnatural; the acting is mediocre; the storyline is too long and boring.

When this happens, you don’t even realize that you are being conditioned into not liking the movie. When the screen is on, you already don’t expect anything good. All because your friend told you in advance that the movie has nothing special about it.

The same happens after it ends. Your friend may begin to focus on the negatives and criticize the plot and the actors. So, even if you did like the movie, you end up having mixed feelings. On the one hand, you enjoyed the movie, but on the other hand, your friend is right and there are many holes in the plot.

Thus, you don’t have the opportunity to form your own independent opinion. If you want to avoid conditioning, going to a movie alone is the best option.

6. You avoid distractions

distractions movie cinema

What can be worse than being conditioned? Being distracted, of course.

Some folks love making jokes and remarks during the movie, so you have to listen to your friend’s whispers every now and then. Maybe your special someone has the habit of fidgeting or chewing loudly, and this gets on your nerves.

When the other person distracts you all the time, this doesn’t let you get lost in the fantasy world shown on the screen. And this is what we go to the movies for, don’t we? We love movies and books just for that—they allow us to escape the boring reality we face every day. Constant distractions ruin this effect.

So, if your friends can’t stay quiet in the cinema, maybe you are better off going alone. You will certainly be able to concentrate on the movie better this way.

7. It boosts your self-esteem and you learn to enjoy your company

Finally, when you overcome the illusory awkwardness of going to the movies all by yourself, it has a positive effect on your self-esteem.

When you go to the movies alone for the first time, you see that there is nothing weird, awkward, or sad about it. No one is staring or pointing fingers at you. Everyone is busy watching the movie. Therefore, you realize that you don’t have to feel like a loser or weirdo just because you came to the cinema alone.

Then, you also find out that you enjoyed the movie the same or even more when you watched it on your own. And that there was nothing to worry about in the first place, so you definitely should do it more often!

Overcoming your fears and biases has a powerful positive impact on the way you feel about yourself. It promotes greater self-reliance and self-confidence. In the end, you learn to truly enjoy your company and pursue the things you like rather than fitting in with others’ expectations.

Do you still think that going to the movies alone is weird? Try it out and see it for yourself that you will have a great time!

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