Is Going to a Concert Alone Weird? 6 Reasons You Should Do It!

In our society, there is a certain amount of prejudice against doing things on your own. In the eyes of most people, some pastimes require company. That’s why activities such as going to a concert alone are considered weird. But is it really so?

Is It Weird to Go to a Concert Alone?

At first, the idea of going to concerts alone may seem unusual, to say the least.

It’s like you are so lonely and rejected that you have no one to join you at a music event you want to attend. Everyone goes to concerts with their friends, right? You would feel like an outsider around all those loud groups of people singing and having fun together.

In reality, though, it’s not weird to go to a concert alone. Your friends may listen to a different type of music. Or everyone may be busy on that day. It’s not a reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of listening to your favorite musical band live!

Going to concerts alone is actually a great idea and here is why:

6 Reasons Going to a Concert Alone Is a Great Idea!

1. You don’t have to look back at others

The most obvious reason is that you don’t have to worry about your friends’ taste in music.

We don’t always pick friends based on common interests and preferences. Sometimes there are other things that connect us. Thus, it can happen that you have no one in your circle who listens to the same genre of music.

Most people who find themselves in such a situation will ask someone to join them at a concert. It may be their best friend or special someone.

But there is a problem with bringing a person to an event just to keep you company. You end up constantly worrying about whether they are having a good time.

Is he bored? Was it a mistake to bring him here? Did he agree to go just to please me, even though he never wanted to?

You will most likely have these types of thoughts if you notice signs of boredom on your friend’s face.

On the contrary, when you go to a concert alone, you don’t have to worry about making other people comfortable. You are attending an event you enjoy and you don’t have to look back at anyone.

For example, there is no one in my circle who listens to classical music. So, when a great concert takes place, I would have to either miss it or bring someone who doesn’t want to go. What do I do?

I go to concerts alone. Not having the right company to attend such events with is not a reason to miss the great music I love!

2. You go to a concert for music, not socializing

It’s similar to going to the movies alone. Just as you go to the cinema for a movie, you attend a concert for music, not socializing. It’s not an occasion where you are supposed to have a lot of interaction with others.

Yes, it’s nice to sing along and have fun with your friends, but you can do it alone, too. When you listen to a musical composition you truly enjoy, you get lost in it. At some point, you cease to worry about anything else, such as what others think of you. The initial awkwardness goes away, and music is all that matters at the moment.

And this is when you realize that you are having a great time, even though you came alone.

3. You don’t depend on others

When you are an adult, it’s not always easy to make plans with your friends. You have to coordinate the day and the time. Everyone should be free from their work and family responsibilities. You also have to book early to get the best seats.

In the case of going to a concert alone, you don’t have to worry about all these things. You can get the ticket at the last moment, and finding a seat for one is much easier.

You also don’t need to wait for your friends who might be late or want to go to the bathroom. You depend on no one but yourself. Isn’t it nice?

4. You may meet new people who like the same things as you do!

There is another great thing about going to music events alone. You can meet like-minded people!

If it’s a rock concert or a music festival, the vibe is informal and friendly. You know in advance that those around you like the same thing as you do, which makes it easier to open up to new friendships.

This is especially important if you are an introvert. People with this personality type tend to be guarded around strangers and hold back from making the first move.

Having the same taste in music is a factor that helps you feel closer to the people around you as an introvert. This may pave the way to making new connections. You feel more comfortable because you have things in common with all these people, even though you don’t know them personally. It’s like they are not complete strangers but like-minded folks and potential friends!

5. No distractions

is it weird to go to a concert alone

One more benefit of going to a concert alone is that you avoid distractions. There is no one to occupy your attention with talking or complaining, and you can fully focus on music.

There are certain behaviors that can distract you and even ruin your fun. For example, some people can’t stop talking, no matter where they are. So, instead of listening to your favorite songs, you end up listening to your friend’s chitchat. Some may be too dull and unable to have fun, so they kill the vibe. Others get tired too quickly, and you end up leaving earlier than you wanted.

There can be so many instances of distracting and annoying behaviors. Therefore, if you are wondering,

Should I go to a concert alone or should I ask someone to join me?

Make sure that your friend is the right company for such an event. If not, consider going to a concert by yourself. There is a good chance that you will have more fun this way!

6. You don’t have to worry about being judged

When you go to a concert with someone who would not typically attend such an event, you may worry about a number of things, such as their comfort. But you may also feel a bit awkward around them and hold back from fully enjoying yourself.

You begin to worry if they find the lyrics too naïve and the music too loud and overwhelming. You may be afraid that they will judge or laugh at you if you sing along and dance.

That’s what often happens when you bring someone just out of fear of going alone–they ruin your fun. So, if there is no one who shares your taste in music, going to a concert solo is much better than making your friend or special someone attend an event they don’t like.

Because in the end, none of you are having a good time. Your friend doesn’t enjoy what they hear and you are focusing on them instead of having fun with your favorite rock band.

In contrast, if you go to a concert alone, you can be sure that you will be surrounded by people who are fans of this band too, so no one will judge you for dancing or singing along.

In all, going to a concert alone is not weird. Moreover, it can be a great experience, and you should absolutely try it!

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