10 Signs You Are a Cool Person (Even If It Doesn’t Feel That Way)

What does it mean to be a cool person? The truth is that what makes a person cool is often very hard to define. What we consider to be cool changes throughout our lives, especially as we progress from teenager to adult.

As a teen, you might feel the coolest kids in school are athletes or musicians, usually conventionally attractive and perhaps not enthusiastic about their academics, or much at all.

As an adult, these things matter much less. In the adult world, we see cool people as those who are passionate, interesting, and carry themselves in a confident way.

Sometimes, you just know when someone is cool, but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is. For that reason, it can be very difficult to see coolness in yourself.

Signs You Are a Cool Person

1. You Put Others Around You at Ease

Unlike the cool kids at school, who were usually terrifying, a real cool person is welcoming and enjoyable to be around. They listen to what others have to say and are genuinely interested in hearing their stories.

If you are open to other people and welcome their voices, you’re probably pretty cool. You should make people feel validated and important when they speak, and be cheerful and kind even if the topic isn’t your favorite subject.

2. You Are Authentic

Pretending to be someone you aren’t is never cool. We can all admit to bending ourselves a little in order to adapt appropriately to a crowd. For example, at a party with your friends, you might behave differently to the way you would at a dinner party with your parents.

However, cool people limit this change as much as possible. A cool person doesn’t pretend to be something they’re not. It’s someone who is true to their beliefs and principles. They do this without imposing those opinions on others, too.

If you don’t pretend to like things you don’t, but you are respectful and genuinely enjoy learning new things from others, then you might just be cool. As a cool person, you don’t force your way into a conversation you don’t understand, instead, you stand back and engage as an observer, eager to learn.

3. You Do Not Apologise for Who You Are

Everyone has insecurities, but cool people don’t allow these to dictate their lives. As a cool person, you probably embrace your quirks and oddities and are proud to display them because they make you who you are.

This energy can be felt by the people around you and it puts them at ease with their own insecurities too.

Cool people have a natural air about them of total acceptance. They make light of their weaknesses and turn the parts of themselves they would rather hide into funny anecdotes. This gives them a confidence that others can feel.

4. You Are Independent

stay true to yourself

Cool people don’t need constant company. They are genuinely happy and at peace on their own. If you’re cool, you probably enjoy being alone because you are comfortable within yourself. You don’t need others to lift you up or to validate you.

You probably have interests you can engage with alone. Clingy and needy people never come across as cool. They are usually difficult to be around because their energy is draining. Cool people thrive alone and do not need to feed off of the energy of others.

5. You Are Laid-Back

A cool person is naturally laid-back and easy-going. They don’t get too wound up or worried in the face of problems. That’s not to say they don’t care enough, but rather they are level-headed and don’t overthink too much.

Their quiet confidence allows them to approach stressful situations with a clear head. This confidence also helps to calm others.

If you’re cool, you probably aren’t demanding on other people when a crisis occurs. But instead, you take care of problems yourself or lead others to resolve the issue as a team.

6. You Are Adventurous

Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to bungee jump or skydive, but rather that you’re willing to try almost anything. You don’t get too caught up in your thoughts and talk yourself out of new ideas. Instead, you’re optimistic and open to learning new things.

The natural confidence a cool person has includes a level-headed calmness towards leaving your comfort zone and a comfortable approach to consequences. You would rather try something and experience living, such as taking a trip or just trying a new hobby, than avoid it altogether.

It is undeniably cool to fill your life with experiences.

7. You Have Obvious Confidence

Confidence is a key part of being cool, but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance that cool people walk very carefully. They are clearly comfortable in themselves but never showy or too proud to be humble.

As a cool person, you’re probably quite self-assured, believe in your own abilities, and value your good qualities. You likely don’t need other people to boost your ego or see you as cool in order to feel worthy or validated.

That sense of self-esteem comes from within and is always shown as a friendly, appropriate level – it is never at the detriment of others.

8. You Are Passionate

Being interested in things is cool. Interested people are interesting. When a person has passions, they have a glow around them that makes others want to learn more.

These passions don’t have to be a skill you’ve mastered – it could just be a hobby you enjoy or something you’re interested in. Having interests you care about gives you something to talk about in social situations, making conversation easier and allowing you to appear more social.

Passionate people have much more enriched and interesting lives, which is much cooler than people who chose to sit on the sidelines all their lives.

9. You Are Not Judgemental

In total contradiction to the way we perceive coolness as teenagers, cool people do not judge. They are accepting and open-minded towards other people.

They are interested in hearing thoughts and stories from the people around them and they do not judge what others have to say. They will never make anyone feel “strange” or embarrassed because they genuinely appreciate that every person is an individual and has something unique to bring to the table.

Similarly, cool people are never jealous or rooting for someone’s downfall. They are supportive and open to everyone succeeding, even if they are still waiting on that success for themselves.

10. You Add Fun to Every Situation

couple talking

As a result of being naturally interesting and seeing the lighter side of every situation, cool people are always fun to be around. If you’re a cool person, you probably feel a zest for life that can filter into your everyday life, even if the task at hand is quite boring.

You might find that your friends appreciate it when you run errands with them because you make everything a little more fun. They might seem happier doing usually difficult tasks when you’re around because you lighten the load.

A natural enjoyment for living is contagious and makes you seem a lot cooler to everyone who shares their space with you.

Being “cool” certainly isn’t as black and white as it is for teenagers. Being mean, judgemental, rude, or uninterested in activities definitely doesn’t make you cool as an adult.

While it can be hard to feel it at times, you’re a cool person if you are kind, open, and interested in living your life in a way that fulfills you. Being cool is really all about the energy you bring to the room.

Carry yourself with confidence and have a brave acceptance of your flaws and you’ll be well on your way to the cool table!

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