10 Signs You Should Stay Away from Someone in Your Social or Family Circle

Signs You Should Stay Away from Someone

It can be hard to accept it, but some people don’t deserve to be a part of your life. It can be co-workers, friends, or even family members. There are some undeniable signs you should stay away from someone in your circle. Being aware of these indicators will help you realize who belongs with you … Read more

25 Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met to Get to Know Them on a Deep Level

25 Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met to Get to Know Them on a Deep Level

Small talk can be incredibly boring. Most of us hate being asked over and over about our jobs, our hobbies, and our favorite genres of music or movies. When it comes to getting to know someone we just met, we want more than just surface-level interactions. Whether you’re meeting a potential romantic partner or just … Read more

33 Quotes about Being Weird That Will Inspire You to Just Be Yourself

quotes about being weird

Weirdness is a trait that many people don’t appreciate. Conventional aka “normal” feels more familiar and, therefore, safer. But despite this, eccentricity is often a synonym of authenticity and a healthy sense of self. The below quotes about being weird convey this very message. We often hide the best parts of ourselves out of fear … Read more

30 Social Anxiety Quotes That Are Painfully Relatable

social anxiety quotes

Social anxiety is more prevalent than what the numbers in the official statistics say. It’s because many socially anxious people never seek professional help. Anxiety comes in many forms and intensities. Some people get nervous when they talk to strangers; for others, even going for groceries is a real challenge. You will certainly find the … Read more