33 Quotes about Being Weird That Will Inspire You to Just Be Yourself

quotes about being weird

Weirdness is a trait that many people don’t appreciate. Conventional aka “normal” feels more familiar and, therefore, safer. But despite this, eccentricity is often a synonym of authenticity and a healthy sense of self. The below quotes about being weird convey this very message. We often hide the best parts of ourselves out of fear … Read more

Asocial vs Antisocial: 3 Things That Demonstrate the Difference

asocial vs antisocial

People often mistakenly use the word ‘antisocial’ when talking about someone who is quiet and aloof. In reality, the word ‘asocial’ would fit better. To put an end to this confusion, let’s compare asocial vs antisocial. Asocial definition Being asocial means not having the desire to socialize, meet new people, and expand one’s circle. An … Read more

Introversion vs Social Anxiety: 7 Things That Show the Difference

introversion vs social anxiety

Introversion is mistaken for many things: shyness, antisocial attitude, and arrogance. But even more often, it is confused with social anxiety. Let’s compare introversion vs social anxiety and point out the differences. It’s worth mentioning that the two are not mutually exclusive, and you can very well be a socially anxious introvert. However, in this … Read more