Solitude vs Loneliness: What’s the Difference & Which One Do You Experience?

solitude vs loneliness difference

Solitude and loneliness are often confused. In our extroverted society, the state of being alone often has negative connotations. But does spending time in your own company necessarily equal feeling lonely? Let’s compare solitude vs loneliness and point out the main differences between the two. But before we do that, let’s start with the definitions … Read more

40 Powerful Quotes about Standing Out from the Crowd and Not Conforming

quotes about standing out from the crowd

Do you often feel like a misfit and outsider? The below quotes about standing out from the crowd will inspire you to celebrate your uniqueness and follow your path no matter what other people think. Our society has always been driven by conformity. This behavior is in human nature and has evolutionary roots. In the … Read more